Career Exploration

The best careers are those with purpose, where you can combine your values, strengths, and skills to impact something you care about. How do you discover your purpose? By exploring — yourself! Identify the things you value and love to do; then, you can find a career to put those values and skills to work.

You can use different strategies to explore your skills and strengths and how you might apply them to a career.

Reflection: Our career journey begins with knowing ourselves. Once you get some insight into yourself, then you have a clear starting point. You only need one for the journey to begin!

Research industries online: There are many job roles you can find across industries. In the Labor Market Insights, you can discover which industries are in demand, have the largest employment, are experiencing declining employment, pay the most, and more. Sharpen your job search or career planning by learning where industry growth and decline are occurring.

Gain Experience: There are various opportunities to explore a job role, industry, or organization by shadowing a professional in the field, requesting an informational interview, or applying for a part-time job or internship. Understanding the day-to-day and experiencing employer culture first-hand is an invaluable way to make more informed decisions.

9 Ways Creatives Can Manage Anxiety

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Stress can come in many forms. Often it stems from something beyond our control, whether a breakup, loss of someone dear, or losing a job. We can even feel anxiety when trying something new or in anticipation …

By Sarah Seavey
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Nursing Opportunities Beyond The Bedside

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The Nursing field offers many Nursing specialties to choose from depending on your interests and skills. And, there are plenty of opportunities to get the necessary training to move on to a different specialty.

The stress …

By Sarah Seavey
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Environmentally Sustainable Nursing Practices: Small Changes Make a Big Difference

As published on ajnoffthecharts.

“The decisions nurses make about waste and efficiency on the front lines of clinical care matter, and the potential impact on health and the environment should not be underestimated.”

These days, most nurses have little time …

By Sarah Seavey
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