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Career Exploration

The best careers are those with purpose, where you can combine your values, strengths, and skills to impact something you care about. How do you discover your purpose? By exploring — yourself! Identify the things you value and love to do; then, you can find a career to put those values and skills to work.

You can use different strategies to explore your skills and strengths and how you might apply them to a career.

Reflection: Our career journey begins with knowing ourselves. Once you get some insight into yourself, then you have a clear starting point. You only need one for the journey to begin!

Research industries online: There are many job roles you can find across industries. In the Labor Market Insights, you can discover which industries are in demand, have the largest employment, are experiencing declining employment, pay the most, and more. Sharpen your job search or career planning by learning where industry growth and decline are occurring.

Gain Experience: There are various opportunities to explore a job role, industry, or organization by shadowing a professional in the field, requesting an informational interview, or applying for a part-time job or internship. Understanding the day-to-day and experiencing employer culture first-hand is an invaluable way to make more informed decisions.

The Time for Gender Equity in Sports Is Now

By Teresa Morrissey | Posted on February 1, 2022

February 2, 2022, is National Girls and Women in Sports Day — an annual celebration hosted by the Women’s Sports Foundation. This day is a moment to celebrate female athletes and to take …

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Sarah Seavey
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CULTURE/ I Thought Intuitive Eating Was Just Another Diet—Until I Tried It


Last summer I embarked on a road trip with my boyfriend across America for five months. On drive days, with all my attention on the road and none on planning my meals, I was either uncomfortably …

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Sarah Seavey
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What Are Sensory Processing Disorders?

As we all learned in school, we have five traditional senses: Taste, touch, smell, hearing, and eyesight. However, to pediatric occupational therapists such …

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Sarah Seavey
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A career guidance tool to identify the top three Career Clusters of interest based on their responses. Offered in both

Why Production Companies in 2022 Will Need to Get Big or Go Home
Job1 Nola Career Services

JOB1 knows that every job seeker’s situation is different. We meet each job seeker where they are and offer them …

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