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Skill Building

Employers hire those who can demonstrate important transferable skills such as teamwork and creative problem solving and grasp specific industry skills and techniques such as the latest technologies, bedside manner, or welding techniques.

Transferrable or soft skills are easily transferred from job to job or profession to profession without much training. They are especially in demand today because it’s much more difficult to teach an employee a soft skill such as developing rapport with coworkers or managing conflict. Some transferable skills are Communication Skills, Problem-Solving, Teamwork, Leadership, Initiative, Creativity, Work Ethic, and Interpersonal Skills.

Technical or hard skills are concrete or objective abilities that you learn and perhaps have mastered. As industries grow, the skills required today are constantly changing and evolving. TIt is important to keep abreast of trends, understanding what skills certain job roles and industries demand, and begin to master those skills to make you a more competitive candidate.

Find both the transferable and technical skills needed in your industry today using our Job Market Data tool below.


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