College Bound – Practical Tips for Enrolling

As college application deadlines loom, WWC practice guides and single study reviews offer practical tips to support school staff in helping students access college and stay enrolled.

Cents and SensibilityCents and Sensibility
Educators, check out these strategies to help students and families learn about financial aid and attending college.

Pomp and CircumstancePomp and Circumstance
Use this checklist to help students prepare for, identify, and apply to colleges and universities that are the best fit.

From Admission to GraduationFrom Admission to Graduation
More resources on how to prepare students for college and connect them with postsecondary supports to stay enrolled.

Staying on TrackStaying On Track
Looking for ways to support students at risk of dropping out of high school? This WWC practice guide provides useful recommendations.

Deans ListDean’s List
The WWC now reviews interventions in postsecondary education! See the new Postsecondary topic area page for two intervention reports on learning communities and 16 single study reviews of studies of a variety of postsecondary topics.


By Sarah Seavey
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