The Rise of the Skilled Trades Career

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Many are learning that having job-skills training is just as important as having a college degree. Employers look for those who can jump on board, hit the ground running, and do the job properly from day one. Successful employees may have training in necessary skills to perform job tasks, before they are hired. The U.S. economy now shows a recovery from the worst conditions of unemployment in decades.

Research done by Tulsa Welding School found that there are about three million excellent trade jobs in America, waiting for people with the correct job skills. Electricians, carpenters/joiners, and welders are the workers most in demand. USA Today reported at the end of 2012, that in America, electricians earn around $80,000 per year and welders $50,000 to $60,000 per year. Those are great paydays, comparable to many other professionals, which is surprising to some who do not have knowledge of the career opportunities in these fields.

While every employer has different job requirements, according to a CNN report in July 2014, workers are now saying that employers place more value on the job skills than they do on college degrees. The CNN article went on further to say, it was rare for any employer to ask about grades earned in college. Compare this to having competence in valuable job skills, which can be easy for a person to demonstrate by simply performing a certain task.

When looking into a future career, keep in mind that by 2030, over 70 million of the baby boomers currently employed will have left the workforce. This leaves a high demand in the skilled trades industry, as almost 20% of workers are between 55 and 64 years old right now. According to the USA Today article, a lack of skill and proper training in those entering the workforce seems to be a primary reason for the demand for new workers, so keep in mind what you can do to stand out from the crowd if you’re considering this career path.

US Unemployment & Skilled Trades Demand

Source: Tulsa Welding School

Monica Gomez is a freelance career and job skills writer. She helped compose this infographic.

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