Is Tech Moving Too Fast for You to Keep Up?

As a technical consultant, most of my clients call in for help with issues such as buying a new computer, new software, what they should use for email, how they can manage their work with the team, efficiency needs and, of course, tech support. Many of my clients find us via LinkedIn, and the majority of them complain that technology is moving too fast. Why is that? Because they are usually busy running a business and don’t have time to keep up with the latest technology updates which are daily or by the minute.

They hear things, talk to people, see some feeds and updates and end up lost in the land of technology. I have found that even working in technology, it’s all too fast for me, too. I think what’s moving too fast right now is smartphones, apps, the cloud and, overall, new hardware technology. Even though I work in the field, I too have a lot to read up on. I can’t spend my days following tech Twitter maniacs or the hyped up techie sites to keep up (Just like you all, I run a business.) Some days I find myself drowning in technology.

I was a die-hard BlackBerry user until business forced me to use the iPhone. My clients were calling in with questions and email synching needs with it so I had to learn it. Now that I have it down, I’m guessing I need to buy an Android to learn that so I can support it. I have to keep up with technology to get paid. The average end user just wants things to work.

There is a big difference here folks. But for the average business owner, I tell people to learn what you need. If some tech gadget grabs your eye and you feel it’s worth investing, do your research yourself and then ask for help. Because at that point, you will be paying for that help. And not every software tech like myself, knows every detail to those apps and gadgets.

What are your thoughts on technology moving too fast? Are you keeping up? And if so, how much time do you spend on the upkeep?

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By Sarah Seavey
Sarah Seavey