2020 Retail CX: Who Thrived, Who Survived, & How to Succeed in ‘21

Our new Verint Experience Index: Retail report ranks 25 top retailers in the U.S., provides illuminating data on rapidly changing customer needs, and offers best practices brands can implement today.

This year’s findings are especially timely for the industry, as brands are coming out of the holiday season strategizing to improve on customer experience in 2021. For instance, we found that:

  • Costco ranked first in CSAT and NPS, beating Amazon and setting a strong omnichannel CX example.
  • The rise of curbside pick-up is changing the fulfillment game and meeting a critical customer need.
  • Digital self-serve can save millions in contact center costs while improving satisfaction scores.
  • One overlooked CX tactic could improve customer satisfaction with fulfillment—and improve bottom lines.

The customer journey also yielded some surprises. Given social distancing requirements in place during the pandemic, it’s not surprising that digital is growing, but it turns out that the customer journey is still multi-channel and complex:

  • 46% of customers who made a purchase started in a store.
  • 43% started the journey on a digital channel.

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By Sarah Seavey
Sarah Seavey