2021 Plant-Based Trends


Three Key Points:

A number of plant-based items are rising in popularity: vegan chicken, vegan eggs, and plant-based fish and pork have all seen growth. Expect packaging to evolve, with recyclable cardboard and carbon labeling becoming the norm.

While 2020 data is largely skewed, 2019 and 2021 give important insights into the rise of plant-based foods. According to Foodable Labs, there was a 63 percent increase in consumer discussion on social media around plant-based food items in 2019. Plant-based concepts have also seen an 18.9 percent increase in foot traffic.

The plant-forward movement is increasingly gaining traction. The likelihood remains that most people will not become vegetarian or vegan—rather, people will reduce their animal protein intake because it’s good for them to do so. Technology will also help drive that transition.

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By Sarah Seavey
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