Five Reasons Networking is Crucial

Networking allows you to develop connections and contacts, build relationships with professionals, learn about your industry, discover opportunities and is vital to the job search process. It is also important to remember that networking is not only for you to gain information but also to help someone else! As a college student, you could help a high school senior identify an area of study or study tips to acclimate to a college-level course. Networking is centered around mutually beneficial and respectful relationships. Here are five reasons networking is crucial!

  1. Finding a mentor.
  2. Hear about opportunities that match your interests.
  3. Meet someone who can provide first-hand knowledge or information into a company, role, or industry.
  4. Ask questions to learn more about a company, role, or industry.
  5. Learn about industry trends and best practices and gain advice and tips for your next steps
By Sarah Seavey
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