The Hospitality Industry Looking Forward

HCareers recently surveyed their audience about their thoughts about the recovery of the hospitality industry in 2021 and what they would like to see from employers moving forward. 

Below is a summary of the responses.

The most recent unemployment report showed that we are still in an uncertain time for hospitality unemployment, unfortunately, the unemployment rate has increased by 1.3% in December after months of consistent decrease.

Over 61% of our respondents answered that they expect an employment status change in 2021, with 23% saying that they were unsure and only 15% saying they were not expecting any changes. Granted, the changes could be a new opportunity or being let go or furloughed from their current job.

56% of the respondents identified as being in a hotel management position, 18% corporate office positions, 13% said back of the house and 12% said front of the house positions.

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By Sarah Seavey
Sarah Seavey