Student Success Story: Hannah LeCompte

Northshore’s Student Spotlight for August is Hannah LeCompte. Hannah is majoring in radiology and was nominated by Ms. Amy Fleming. Please take a moment to read Hannah’s personal story.

“Hi, my name is Hannah LeCompte, and I am currently enrolled in the Connect to Success program at Northshore Technical Community College. My dream is to become an ultrasound technician and work in a hospital setting. I have always been very interested in the medical field, and the thought of having a career that helps others every day is very fulfilling. I chose to come to Northshore because it is close to home, and I found out about the program that is offered with North Oaks Radiology School. The faculty members here are all very nice, and they seem to really want to help their students succeed. Some aspects that motivate and inspire me are simply remembering why I’m working hard: to achieve my goals. In high school, I was not as focused on school as I am now, and now I am making up for that lost time by being the best I can be. I strongly believe that nothing worth having comes easily, and, let me tell you, keeping high grades is far from easy. Whenever the work and studying starts to really overwhelm me, I just imagine the days when all my hard work is going to pay off. My future goals are to achieve my associate’s degree from Northshore and my radiology certificate from North Oaks. Some advice that I would give to other students is to not let yourself get distracted from your goals; you can do whatever you put your mind to. Put in all that hard work because it always pays off!”

“Hannah is such an enthusiastic and diligent student! Her devotion to learning and achieving all her academic goals comes across in her conscientiousness toward all assignments. She actively participates in class discussion, giving unique perspectives from her own experiences, and works well with other students in peer groups, giving them guidance to help them achieve as well. Hannah shows the intelligence, character, and perseverance to succeed in college, and I know she can accomplish any endeavor she may strive to achieve.” -Ms. Amy Fleming

By David Lloyd
David Lloyd Director David Lloyd