Meet BRCC HVAC Graduate – Alfred Isaac Sr.-

Meet BRCC HVAC Graduate – Alfred Isaac Sr.-  “How you do your work reflects whether you love what you do or you just do it for a check.”

My name is Alfred Isaac Sr. and I am employed as an HVAC Service Tech by Lambert’s Heating and Air Conditioning Company, and I also own my own company, Alfred’s A/C, Heating and Refrigeration LLC. I am the company Owner, Operator, and CEO. The work that I perform in the field reflects on how I paid attention in school. The HVAC program was a very great learning experience for me, especially the hands on training. The teachers were very hard and strict on me because they knew what my goal was and what it was going to take to get me there. I would like to say thank you to Mr. Jerry Meek and Mr. Glenn Gobert. They made sure we knew the basics of electricity and the components and how they operate.  We learned to make our own ductwork and gained critical hands on experience to help build our confidence. Confidence is everything in this field. My career is the best in the world. I love to help people, fix things no one else can figure out, run from job to job finding and fixing different problems and broadening my knowledge. Most of all, I love l making people cold when they are HOT…. “How you do your work reflects whether you love what you do or you just do it for a check.”

I entered the HVAC program because my drive, my passion and my kids made me want more out of life. I wanted a stable and essential job where I would never worry about anything. My teachers made me struggle because I didn’t want anything easy.  I wanted the problems that would make me scratch my head and think so that when I got in the field, it would be a breeze, like it is. In this field you don’t come in making a lot, and your skill level is what proves to your employer that you are worthy of making what you desire and deserve. Your destiny is in your own hands.

If you are thinking about being in HVAC as a career listen closely to this advice: 

1) Have a passion and love what you do. 

2) This is an adventurous field, you will not be bored.

3) Love the heat because that’s what keeps you in business and keeps you employed.

4) Do not take school lightly because what you put in school is what you will get out of school. The teachers are there to teach, not babysit. 

5) When you don’t understand, say something and try staying after school for one on one help to get ahead.  That is what I did, and it worked.

6) Never take shortcuts and always stick to the basics as short cuts lead to call backs.  Call backs don’t look good, and they are time consuming.

7) Treat customers with respect even if it hurts you inside because you show them that you are better than that.  Some customers are not going to be so nice, so be prepared.

8) Calls will be coming left and right.  Manage your time and body and know your limits because attics are extremely hot.  Hydrate yourself and stay safe.

6) Last, but not least, help as many people as you can and never settle for being an employee, strive to be a your own boss.

This is a very lucrative and exciting field that has positive things and challenging things. The positives are that when you do great work, you will never be broke again.  Also, you are more than an HVAC Tech; you are a plumber, carpenter, and an electrician – 4 trades in one.

Trust in God and all things are possible, and smiles on customer faces are irreplaceable. The challenges are: HEAT, HEAT, and more HEAT.    I love my job and the school that prepared me for my career. I would not change it for nothing. Thank you BRCC, Jerry Meek, Glenn Gobert, and Mrs. Johnson for everything you have done for me.  I am so grateful. 


By Lisa Hibner
Lisa Hibner Interim Director, Advising, Career & Transfer Services