Student Success Story: Darrineshia Johnson

Darrineshia Johnson
Veterinary Technician Program
Florida Parishes Campus

I am Darrineshia Johnson, a current student at Northshore Technical Community College at the Florida Parishes campus in Greensburg. I am extremely honored and overjoyed being recognized by the Student Spotlight. I am in my last semester of the Veterinary Technician Program and have enjoyed being at Northshore.

I have a full time position at a small animal hospital where I am a veterinary technician. While this may just be a full time job and source of income to some, veterinary medicine is truly therapeutic for me and it is something that I am very passionate about. I enjoy being the voice for animals, and I hope to spread awareness to others about the importance of veterinary medicine and animal health.

My goal after graduation is to become an experienced and knowledgeable Registered Veterinary Technician and continue to provide love, care and compassion for all animals while continuing to have a desire to learn more in veterinary medicine. I have a 7- year-old daughter Aubrey Johnson who loves animals just like me, and she pushes and motivates me to keep going everyday. I live by the mottos: “Anything worth having will be hard to do,” and “Through GOD all things are possible.”

NTCC has helped me find and succeed in a career where I can be enriched mentally and physically everyday. Northshore isn’t just a school; it’s a place where you can find pride, family, and a career.

Lastly, I want to send a special shout out to my teachers Dr. Brenna Fitzgerald, and RVT Mrs. Daina Powers, who are awesome teachers who not only make us work hard every step of the way, but also give us knowledge to succeed. I want to thank my teachers for helping to shape our future so we can go confidently into our careers.

“Stand for something or you will fall for anything.” “Today’s mighty oak is yesterday’s nut that held its ground.” -Rosa Parks
Black Lives Matter

“Darrineshia Johnson is a 2nd year student and currently in her last semester. She is a very hard worker and has a wonderful personality. I have really enjoyed having her as a student and getting to know her during her time in our program.”

– Daina Powers, RVT, CVT Program Director / Instructor

By David Lloyd
David Lloyd Director David Lloyd