Student Success Story: Monica Fonrose

Northshore’s Student Spotlight for February is Monica Fonrose. Monica is majoring in accounting and was nominated by Ms. Brandy Williams. Please take a moment to read Monica’s personal story.

“Hey, everybody! My name is Monica Fonrose, and I am pursuing a degree in accounting and hope to earn CPA license. I love numbers and want to help people learn how to manage their finances. The number one reason I am here now is God! With God, all things are possible! Never forget that. My family and friends have given me a new outlook on life and are the second biggest reason I’m here. They have never turned their backs on me and have always been there when I needed them. I want to thank my mom for being the best mother any daughter could ask for; my best friend, Amy, who makes me laugh when life seems too hard; my husband, Wesner, who loves me always; and my two precious boys, who make me feel like a kid inside! I chose Northshore for the smaller class sizes and more one-on-one time with teachers. I thank the teachers for always encouraging me! It is teachers like the ones at NTCC who keep students striving to push harder! My advice to other students is to ask questions constantly, develop great study habits, come to class prepared, and listen. Also, always look to the future to accomplish today. Keep your eye on the prize!”

“Monica is the classic ‘comeback kid.’ She is very open about her life story and wears it as a badge of honor that inspires others. Monica is an extraordinary asset to other students in the classroom. Before I could ask a struggling student if he needed help, she would beat me to it. She is not only a team player but a leader and began a math study group on her own initiative! Monica will be successful in her endeavors, and her positive attitude will encourage others to reach their goals too.”

-Ms. Brandy Williams

By David Lloyd
David Lloyd Director