Student Success Story: Anthony Baudier

Northshore’s Student Spotlight for December/January is Anthony Baudier. Anthony is majoring in marketing and was nominated by Ms. Amy Fleming. Please take a moment to read Anthony’s personal story. “My name is Anthony Baudier. I am currently enrolled in my third semester at Northshore Technical Community College and am enrolled in their Connect to Success Program. I am majoring in Marketing in hopes of pursuing my dreams of becoming a marketing manager one day.

Northshore has played a large role in my success in school so far by allowing me to work at a pace I am comfortable with and providing numerous resources to enhance study skills and to balance my workload. Prior to my enrollment at Northshore, I did not have the drive to attend class or enthusiasm to learn, but due to the motivating staff and positive environment, I have excelled past my own expectations. Throughout my time at Northshore, I have built much-needed confidence in my abilities as a student, and the success I have experienced only fuels my drive to be the best I can be. Many instructors inspire me to remain steadfast in my journey by having the tremendous passion for what they do; some of them are Dr. William Wainwright, Ms. Amy Fleming, and Dr. Lizette Leader. These instructors have taught me lessons that go much further than just the classroom. My goals for the future are to be a role model and inspire others to see their full potential and reach for their goals, regardless of the magnitude. So to the students of NTCC, I encourage you to network with others in class and meet new people, be unwavering in your dreams, and always lead by example.”

“Anthony’s devotion to learning and willingness to achieve his goals comes across in his conscientiousness toward his coursework. In my class, he displays strong leadership qualities and actively participates in class discussion, giving unique perspectives from his own experiences to add insight to the topics. He really shows depth in his perceptions and communicates these ideas well to his peers. Anthony is a diligent student who displays the intelligence, character, and dedication to succeed in college and any other endeavor he may strive to achieve. I see a lot of potential in Anthony!”

-Ms. Amy Fleming

By David Lloyd
David Lloyd Director